Space Investment Forum speakers

Kelvin Shek
Cluster Development Manager
Space Hub Yorkshire
Project Lead of Space North

Mr. Kelvin Shek stands at the forefront of space innovation as the Cluster Development Manager of Space Hub Yorkshire and the Project Lead of Space North. Additionally, he holds the esteemed position of Founder at Yondar Ltd and serves as the regional coordinator of F1 in School Hong Kong. 

Space North: Uniting Space Hub Yorkshire, the North West Space Cluster, and Space North East England to showcase the region’s resilient communications expertise, attract inward investment and boost research and collaboration. 

In his current capacity as Cluster Development Manager, Kelvin spearheads efforts to facilitate collaboration among local governance organizations, universities, and businesses within the space cluster. He orchestrates the innovation ecosystem stakeholder model, meticulously planning and executing events to fulfil SHY Agency objectives. Kelvin is a driving force behind the development and promotion of an inward investment strategy tailored specifically for the Yorkshire region. This strategy aims to attract space-related businesses while providing essential support for local companies to scale up. Acting as a passionate advocate for the space industry in the region, Kelvin represents SHY convening crucial meetings with diverse stakeholders. 

Kelvin’s academic journey includes an MPhil in Biology from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, complemented by over a decade of experience as a STEM educator. His international project leadership experiences, notably as the IGEM coordinator in the Hong Kong region, underscore his global perspective. Moreover, Kelvin’s expertise extends to managing project funds for innovation and engineering education, with a focus on rocket design, AI, automation for transportation, aerodynamic designs for 3D-printed cars, and VR/AR simulations for space education.  

You can find Kelvin’s Linkedin profile here