Sponsors and partners

Our thanks to the following organisations who supported the Space Investment Forum in Leeds.

If you are interested in a partnership opportunities at the Leeds event on 26 March please contact us at: customer.service@dods-events.com or request our partnership brochure.

Headline sponsors

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Sponsor and Drinks Reception Host

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GEC logo


The GEC Space Programme services and solutions include business units for Space Technologies, Launch Capabilities, Consulting Services, Talent Development, Spaceport Consulting and Additive Manufacturing.

Our GEC 2024 strategy includes supporting and leveraging the UKRI-STFC Harwell Science and Innovation campus (Harwell Space Campus), a perfect platform to launch our “GEC Space City” project.

In May 2023, General Electric Company (GEC) were proud to be the event partner to the inaugural UK Space Agency, Space Investment Forum at 116 Pall Mall, London. We continue our ongoing commitment to the UK Space sector by participating in the 2024 Space Investment Forum in Edinburgh.


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Marks&Clerk red logo at 300x172 size

Marks & Clerk

Marks & Clerk is a specialist intellectual property (IP) firm, offering services across the whole breadth of IP including patents, trade marks, designs, copyright, and other unregistered rights, as well as IP-based agreements, arbitration and litigation. We work with clients ranging from start-ups, spinouts and SMEs to universities and multinationals.

Visit our LinkedIn page here.


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Event supporters

Our thanks to the following organisations who have lent their support to promote this event to their networks.

Image of ADS logo


ADS is the UK trade association advancing leadership in aerospace, defence, security and space, to enable prosperity and clean, secure growth for our nation. Whether representing industry, connecting our members with business opportunities or driving forward innovation and growth, ADS is at the forefront of an array of activities, events and programmes that benefit our members.

We work with and across a large number of organisations, partners, and supporting bodies to deliver a range of highly valued activities and services on behalf of our sectors and the members we support. Our aim is to expand our world-leading and unique workforce capability and national advantage by delivering sector investment and knowledge to the frontiers of advanced manufacturing.

The British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA)

The British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association (BVCA) is the voice of private capital in the UK.

We have been advocating for the UK’s private equity and venture capital industry for almost 40 years, helping it to uphold its vision and achieve its goals. We actively represent this diverse community of long-term investors, enabling them to speak with one clear and consistent voice to society, including the Government, media and MPs.

We connect institutional investors, fund managers, companies, advisers and service providers together, with our membership currently comprising more than 600 businesses from across the private capital ecosystem. This includes more than 250 PE and VC firms, 100 institutional investors and over 200 professional services firms.

Science and Technology Facilities Council logo

Science and Technology Facilities Council

Providing unique access to large-scale science facilities, equipment, and expertise both in the UK and internationally, the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) works collaboratively with businesses to reduce the risk surrounding innovation and enable new applications of technology in exciting and disruptive ways. By co-locating businesses alongside our facilities and expertise at 3 UK locations – Daresbury, Harwell, and Edinburgh – and catalysing this with industry cluster networks, we bring together the people who can innovate and change the world for the better.

STFC, part of UK Research and Innovation, is a world-leading multidisciplinary science organisation. Working collaboratively with academia to create an environment for UK scientific research to flourish, STFC is a national resource available to support UK businesses, from spin-outs to corporates.

Space Hub Yorkshire logo

Space Hub Yorkshire

Space Hub Yorkshire is a coordinator of Space activity across the region, a catalyst for new satellite and geospatial data markets, a source of Space expertise, a facilitator of new collaborations, a driver of investments, a champion for Space start-ups and an advocate for Space research and industry opportunities.

Our vision is unlocking Space for the people and businesses of Yorkshire. Connecting, promoting, and guiding innovation. Raising skills, raising aspiration. Championing inclusion. Delivering prosperity.

To drive Space-enabled economic growth, investment is crucial in three key functions: CAMPUS, AGENCY, and NETWORK (CAN). This entail creating a Virtual Space Campus to harness academic resources, fostering collaboration with agencies like UKSA and ESA, and coordinating with government bodies for investment and export opportunities. Additionally, the initiative facilitates information exchange and networking, empowering regional industries to forge connections, adopt best practices, and strengthen supply chains.

The UK Space Agency allocates funding to Space Hub Yorkshire to elevate the regional space sector and economy. For instance, GreenSpace, a pioneering project merging Earth Observation expertise with Green Finance, seeks to forge new markets. Furthermore, Space Hub Yorkshire spearheads the Satellite Applications Catapult’s UK Earth Observation Network for Sustainability (UK-EONS), amplifying the influence of space data on sustainability challenges by fostering collaboration and investment avenues.

Space North East England logo

Space North East England

Finding inspiration in every turn

Space North East England offers opportunities and partnerships to unlock market opportunities within the North East of the UK which will benefit local and national economies. The cluster will ensure the successful commercialisation of new technology and innovations by cementing the UK’s position as a key player in the satellite technology sector.

The cluster helps businesses to exploit the use of satellite data, technology and applications to gain a competitive advantage in a global market – we are interested in hearing from organisations already in the space sector but also from those which have the potential to work in the space and satellite sector but have not yet investigated what market opportunities this might mean.

We provide assistance to organisations via one to one support and events. Our overarching theme is using satellite applications to create a safer world, including sustainable living and climate change, security of supply chains, building resilience in infrastructure and assets, and much, much more. If this sounds like you, then we’d love to hear from you.

Visit website

Logo of techUK


techUK is the UK’s technology trade association, bringing together people, companies and organisations to realise the positive outcomes of what digital technology can achieve. In early 2024, techUK will publish its first Emerging Space Technology ‘Industry Perspective’ report. This will set out which technologies its 1000+ member organisations see as critical to the future of space and explore how the UK can lead on them. Contact rory.daniels@techuk.org for more information.

Image of UK Space Logo


UKspace is the official trade association of the UK space industry, representing and promoting space to government and other key stakeholders nationally and internationally. As a government priority sector, it has never been a better time to be a member of UKspace and a key and valued part of the UK space community.

Media Partner

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Australia in Space logo

Australia in Space

Australia in Space is part of the MySecurity Media network and specialises in delivering content in the advanced technology sectors. We offer tailored solutions for events, conferences, and content creation, connecting your business with the right audience with a special focus on the Indo Pacific region.