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Picture of Yvette Hopkins

Yvette Hopkins
Chair of the Board
Craft Prospect

Yvette is a Board Chair, Non-Executive Director, Advisor, Investor, and Trustee on multiple boards supporting companies and organizations from Tech Startups to scaled businesses to third sector Charities across various sectors such as Space, Defence, Construction, and Economic empowerment.

Yvette is also Director, The LeadHershipXchange, a leadership strategy firm, and she is a global keynote public speaker on the intersectional topics of Leadership, Space, (women) Entrepreneurship, and Scotland.

A former US Senior Military Intelligence Officer, then Commercial Executive, Yvette Hopkins has extensive experience leading teams and large complex organizations in multiple high stakes, volatile environments, domains, and sectors. Most recently in the Global “Space Race”, where Yvette focused on the establishment of a vertical launch spaceport contributing to an emerging and vibrant UK Space-based economy.

Yvette is in the lifelong pursuit of leadership excellence and is currently working on a book. She leads a not-so-quiet life in the Shetland Islands.