Space Investment Forum speakers

Picture of Balazs Slezek

Balazs Slezak
Wozify Engineering Group

Balazs Slezak has a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering and a Master’s in Business Information Technology.  His area of specialization is space entrepreneurship and value proposition design in space. As a mentor, he helps space companies build better products and be better at business. He works alongside the UK Space Agency Accelerator and several other international space incubators and accelerators like ESA BIC, EUSPA’s CASSINI Program and Techstars Space Accelerator in collaboration with NASA JPL.

Before becoming hyper-focused on space, he co-founded, built and sold a 3D printing startup; and worked with more than 150 (non-space) startups as a mentor.

He is the founder and CEO of Wozify Engineering Group, a collective of software development companies established in 2012. Wozify’s space division focuses on web development for space industry applications; custom downstream software development; and applied data science and Artificial Intelligence for Earth Observation. The team prides itself on its product development methodology capable of delivering digital products that the market actually wants.